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DNA Justice™ is a 501(c)3 non-profit DNA database built to assist law enforcement agencies in the identification of unidentified human remains and perpetrators of violent crimes, such as homicides or sexual assaults.

Our team

Experienced IGG Leadership

CeCe Moore


CeCe Moore, Chief Genetic Genealogist at Parabon, is the leading authority on investigative genetic genealogy (IGG), successfully collaborating with hundreds of law enforcement agencies across North America. Her small team boasts the unparalleled track record of 250 successful identifications of violent criminals and unidentified decedents, averaging one solved case per week. CeCe’s cutting edge work has led to the first conviction, the first conviction through jury verdict, and the first exoneration in cases where the suspect was identified through investigative genetic genealogy. These groundbreaking successes have been featured on hundreds of television news shows and thousands of articles throughout the world, promoting public awareness and support of IGG techniques. Since 2010, CeCe has taken a leadership role in creating educational resources for the genetic genealogy community and is the founder of the Institute for Genetic Genealogy as well as the DNA Detectives, which hosts the largest genetic genealogy forum in the world. She has been a core production member of the PBS Television documentary series Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., working closely with Dr. Gates as the series’ DNA expert, continually since 2013. CeCe is a Non-Resident Fellow of the Du Bois Research Institute at Harvard’s Hutchins Center.

Dr. Margaret Press


Margaret Press, PhD is the co-founder of the DNA Doe Project, a non-profit corporation dedicated to identifying John and Jane Does through investigative genetic genealogy. Since its inception in late 2017 the DNA Doe Project has successfully identified about ninety victims where all other efforts had failed. Knowing the identity of a victim is often the most important clue leading investigators to the assailant and closing the case. The work of the DNA Doe Project has been extensively covered in the media (NYT, Atlantic, CNN, Buzzfeed, Dateline NBC 2021 | Dateline 48 Hours Mystery, etc.) Currently living in Sebastopol, California, Margaret was born and raised in Los Angeles where she earned her doctorate in linguistics at UCLA. While pursuing a career in software development in the Boston area, she published mysteries and short stories set in Salem, Massachusetts. Her true crime A Scream on the Water: A True Story of Murder in Salem (St. Martin’s Press) inspired several documentaries, including an Unsolved Mysteries segment and an episode in the A&E series City Confidential.

Kevin Lord


Kevin Lord has experience in all facets of utilizing investigative genetic genealogy (IGG) to solve law enforcement cases. Through his role as Director of Lab and Agency Logistics at DNA Doe Project, and President of his own company Saber Investigations, he works with agencies to determine the best way to approach each case, and shepherds each precious sample through the lab pipeline with the goal of getting the best results possible. Additionally, he performs the complex bioinformatics work that can often make or break a case when it comes to working with difficult samples. In his four years with DNA Doe Project, he has led multiple cases to successful identifications, including Lavender Doe, Gacy Victim Five, and the Sumter County Does, among others. Through Saber Investigations, he has also provided bioinformatics services and lab/sample consultation for other organizations utilizing IGG, which have resulted in many additional solved cases. He has been featured in media outlets such as Dateline, The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Citizen PI, NewsNation Prime, and the Texas Observer.

Nancy Landini

Director of Finance

Nancy Landini, co-founder of IGGnite DNA, LLC, is an investigative genetic genealogist living in central Connecticut. She is currently the Manager of Finance for DNA Doe Project as well as a volunteer genetic genealogist. Nancy also volunteers as an investigative genetic genealogist with Cold Case Coalition and as a genetic genealogist with where she has helped dozens of adoptees and individuals in their search for biological relatives. She has closed more than 45 cases in the US, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK. Nancy completed the graduate certificate program in Genealogical Research Methods through Boston University in 2019, and in 2020 was a member of the first cohort to complete the Forensic Genetic Genealogy graduate certificate program at the University of New Haven. Since 2020 she has been an active volunteer with the DNA Doe Project and the Cold Case Coalition, helping to solve several cases related to unknown human remains. Nancy holds an MBA from the University of Hartford and a BS in Management Information Systems from Central Connecticut State University.

Dawn Kosmakos

Administrative Assistant

Dawn Kosmakos, owner of SunriseDNA, is a genetic genealogist living in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and 2 sons. After finding her unknown birth father in 2016, Dawn caught the genetic genealogy bug and began volunteering with DNA Detectives and Search Squad as a search angel. In 2019 she began taking private clients specializing in unknown father mysteries. With over 250 unknown parent cases solved, and experience in solving complex cases, Dawn had the confidence to apply her skills to Investigative Genetic Genealogy. Dawn also brings to DNA Justice over 25 years experience in various administrative assistant roles. Currently she keeps busy with her job as a business center manager, her genetic genealogy business, and her volunteer roles with DNA Justice and IGGAB. Dawn has a Bachelor's degree in Communications.

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As a nonprofit, we depend on donations from the public to continue to provide our service to law enforcement at no cost. We are so grateful to those that choose to upload their DNA profile to the database, or provide a monetary contribution. DNA Justice would not be possible without you.

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